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About Kaiser Consultants' David Vieyra

KAISER CONSULTANTS is an Australian owned company that provides a premium outsourced sales service to its clients, enabling them to grow their customer base with confidence. We specialise in tailoring a sales solution service that is customer built to our clients specifications and requirements, consistently delivering industry leading results. Kaiser Consultants key focus is to deliver high value long term customers to its clientele.

We analyse and calculate your electricity & gas bills and offer better rates and discounts resulting in lowering your bills and putting money back into your pockets

We calculate your consumption on electricity each quarter and suggest the best size solar installation with high quality solar panels & inverters with battery if required.

Our passion and focus is to always deliver results with integrity and the utmost quality and on time to ensure the best possible return on investment ensuring both profitability and customers satisfaction is delivered. Its in our DNA and its part of who we are.

Services we excel in are the energy industry (Electricity & Gas) both business and residential & Solar.

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